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August 15, 2019

Our attitude and vision

No Strings Dating takes the stance that the community makes no assumptions on joining. We know everyone is looking for something different and most people are not even sure what they are looking for. The atmosphere we supply is one of no expectations. We want No Strings to be fun and have no strings attached. This means that everyone can get in, have fun and see what happens without the setup presumptions other sites have.

Completely free

We do notice a lot of other sites claiming to be completely free but once you sign up you notice that completely free actually means completely free up until a point. Mostly other sites will limit how much you can talk to other users or how many people you are allowed to search/talk to. There always seems to be a limit or restriction placed on the users after joining even though they state free before joining. What you will find with No Strings is that we are actually completely free. There are no restrictions on chatting, adding users, searching, profile setup or any other feature on the website. We have no restricted areas or limitations placed on any aspect of the website. All aspects have been and always will be completely free on No Strings Dating. This is one thing we can claim and will prove upon joining.

Real and scam free user base

After looking at a lot of other sites we noticed that you will find profiles that were generated by the website to boost their site and user base. They may even go the extent of having programmatic responses to make your feel like you are talking to someone. We don’t and have never done this. Although the site has recently been revamped and simplified with a new layout and features, No Strings Dating has been around for over 5 years. Every account on No Strings Dating was created by a joining member and never generated or pushed to make our site seem larger than it is.

With this in mind, in the previous site we were noticing some scam/fake accounts inevitably popping up. To combat this we have implemented the ability to upvote/downvote users which will let you know in search whether the user has had good/bad interactions with other users. This combats all bad types of accounts that slip through our moderation and these accounts are automatically promoted further up the search wall making them more visible.

We are always looking at new ways to combat this and we can claim a lot better community than other dating sites because of this.

All Australian, locally owned and made by Australians

No Strings Dating is completely Australian owned and run out of Brisbane, Australia. Our company and founding members are all Australian and all work on the site is performed by Australians. This may not effect our users directly but as an Australian we always support and trust local companies more than a large international corporation that doesn’t listen or respond to user contact/requests. We read your emails regularly and build/design changes in the site based on your responses. An exceptional level of customer service is our highest priority.

As with being completely Australian owned/run we currently cater to only Australian members and areas. This means that you will not find unusual/untrustworthy accounts from all around the world and although our member base claims are not as large as international sites, the number of Australian members you are going to find and are looking for are quite impressive. This makes it easier for us to not have scam accounts you may normally find from Russia/China, etc and limits our community to members you want to come in contact with.

Ease of use and simple signup

There is one main thing you are looking to do when joining a dating site. That is to find and start talking to other like minded members in your area. Other sites we looked at have seemed to miss this point and will make you fill out numerous questions before you can do anything or see what the site offers.

The first thing we did was make the signup process as simple as possible. You can choose either instant Facebook signup which signs in with your Facebook account or by fill out a simple form including username, email and password for our username/password option. Either of these steps take no longer than 5 seconds to signup. Our profile setup takes not much longer.

We skip all the crazy questions other dating websites try to make seem important to finding someone to talk to like ‘Would you like to be the Supreme Leader of the Earth? Yes/No’, which is one we actually came across along with hundreds of others on other sites. The profile signup only takes your basic details like photos, location, age range, search distance and quick about me to start matching you with people in your area who match with you.

After this point you are already ready to go and using the website/apps.

The apps (android and iOS/iPhone)

Since rebuilding the site apps have been a huge focus for us. The apps and website are continuously updated to meet current user demands. The great thing about using the apps is the user base and login data is shared across all apps and websites so whatever you do in your app is transferred to the website. Any conversations, users and settings are automatically available across all devices as soon as they are updated on one. This means you can be talking from your pc on the website to someone on an android device on the website/app and move to your iphone and login on the app and talk to the same person in the same conversation.

Both our apps are completely free and always will be and are available on both the iOS store or the android store. The website is also mobile friendly so can be accessed from both devices.

The future and updates

The future of No Strings is based on the community and how they use the site and what they request. Every feature we have added has been through reviewing and refining what users were complaining or requesting to us. If we are presented with a feature/problem from the community it is automatically reviewed by our team and put into a pipeline to resolve the issue or add the feature.

Because of this No Strings is regularly updated and with the new technology we are using and running the site on updates are frequent and we don’t get stuck in the gutters that large dating sites that have been around for 10 years do. Most have become bloated, overly large, slow and confusing. They have lost their focus and due to the size and investment in their current infrastructure can no longer grow or change in the right direction anymore and promote their site through solely investing all their money in advertising and reusing their old features and technology.

We will never become like this and strive to make No Strings Dating the future of dating websites/apps.